Fish farming

Fish produce a lot of waste and are in need of a continuous flow of fresh water. Our bacteria will degrade most of the organic waste without producing toxins. For example, they transfer Nitrogen into Nitrogen gas without the toxic Nitrite phase. 

“A healthy aquatic environment involves a complex web of interactions between a variety of factors including organic input (BOD, COD), dissolved oxygen, pH, alkalinity, toxins, temperature, mixing, nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus), microbial activity and other components.”

“Our products improve the aquatic environment by the following methods:

Reduce the available nitrogen compounds by two processes (Denitrification and Assimilation);

Reduce sludge production due to the production of extracellular enzymes;

Reduce pathogens by producing a variety of “special compounds” (that fall into other classifications such as antibacterial and antifungal compounds”****


**** PhD Robert Gerger – NobleBio BV