Septic tank

  • septic_tankA good functioning septic system should be able to maintain itself. However in many cases the solids are building up and bad odors are released.  “Proteins are often accumulate at the bottom of grease traps and septic systems. The presents of microbes that produce proteases enzymes will decrease the sludge at the bottom of these systems resulting in the reduction of sludge build-up and reducing the need to pump-out the system and will reduce the foul odors associated with the degradation of proteins by undesirable microbes”*. To restore the balance in the septic system it is necessary to add bio-active ingredients. Our blend of specially selected bacterial strains will breakdown the waste and bad odors are reduced dramatically. If dosed regularly, septic problems are history.
  • “Bio-augmentation is the process of adding micro organisms to improve the effectiveness of septic systems and waste treatment facilities. This addition of micro organisms is usually necessary because the incoming influent does not contain the type or quantity of microbe's needed to initiate the breakdown of the polymers (fats, oils, proteins, carbohydrates-starch, etc.), which is essential in both aerobic and anaerobic systems. The process of polymer degradation is accomplished by the excretion of extra cellular enzymes (lipase, protease, amylase, etc.)”*


* PhD Tom Groothuis – NobleBio BV –Rational for Bio-Augmentation in Septic systems and Mechanisms of Action by NbleBio’s Bacteria